Being a Miche follower means never having to change scholarships – that’s wonderful! You simply place all of your personal items in a handbag, so you don’t have to transfer everything to a new handbag to suit your outfit. Imagine – you always know where your favorite lipstick is! You start with a basic bag – Classic, Demi, Prima or Petite – then you add any of your favorite shells and you are ready for your day. What mood are you in today? Cheerful? Naughty? Sophisticated? Professional? No problem. You can match your Miche bag to your mood and outfit in seconds. This is versatility!

Life is complicated – but ordering a Miche handbag is easy!

Your day is super busy – but ordering a Miche handbag is done quickly! Simply:

  1. Select your basic Miche bag. We offer these bags in 4 sizes – Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima. Go find your base.
  2. Select your Miche shells. We have a wide range of stylish and affordable shells for you to choose from to suit your tastes, outfits, occasions and moods! Relax, take your time, have fun and discover your Miche identity. You will find options to suit your unique style from our wonderful range of  Petite shells , Classic shells , Demi shells  and Prima shells .
  3. There you go – a new handbag! Don’t forget the accessories! You can really create your own style with our full line of assorted handles and other perfect additions to our accessory set .

Elegance and convenience at an affordable price – all at your fingertips!

If you’re like most women, you’re paying a fortune for handbags that you’ll only use a few times – they then sit in your closet like a dustpan! A Miche handbag allows you to keep all your important items in one purse, gives you more space in your closet for more important items (such as more shoes) and allows you to enjoy of the most popular styles, anytime, without draining your bank account! It’s you. It is now. It’s Miche. Who says you can’t have it all? With Miche – it’s possible!

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