Classic 14.5cm (width) x 30cm (length) x 16.5cm (height)

Prima 13 cm (width) x 38 cm (length) x 30 cm (height)

Small 10cm (width) x 20cm (length) x 15cm (height)

Half 18 cm (width) x 35.5cm (length) x 24 cm (height)

Loaf Small
The interior of the Petite Basic Bag features a small elastic pouch.
Loaf Classic
The interior of the Classic Basic Bag is in beige canvas with two small pockets and a large zippered pocket.
Half loaf
The interior of the Demi Basic Bag is in beige canvas with a zippered pocket, a small open pocket, two medium pockets, a pocket for your cell phone and 2 pen holders.
Miche Prima
The interior of the Prima Basic Bag is in beige canvas with two small interior pockets, a medium-sized open pocket, a large zippered pocket, four credit card compartments and 2 pen holders.
If you have a problem with your bag and have exceeded our 90 day warranty period, refer to our “Tired of Your Old Handbag” program to learn more about how you can get a new base.

The exterior of the bag is made of a cotton blend. The material used to make the shell varies by style, but it can be: faux leather, faux crocodile skin, faux fur, regular nylon, textured nylon, canvas, or cotton. All of our products are made of synthetic materials and they are completely animal and PETA friendly.

New designs are released every month. Your Miche Canada representative is the most knowledgeable about these hot new styles. A closet organizer will soon be your best friend due to the fact that you will definitely be adding more items to your Miche collection!

If your shell or base bag is lightly soiled, you can wipe the bag or shells with a damp cloth.

When removing a shell from a basic bag, remove it through the center to prevent the corners from bending.

The Miche Closet Organizer available in two sizes is ideal for easy access and storage of Miche handbag shells. Thanks to its elegant style and the minimum space it takes up, you might be inspired to rearrange your entire closet! Without the organizer, it is better to store the shells flat, inserting protective material such as tissue paper between each one. This will prevent the transfer of colors between the shells – which is one of the characteristics of polyurethane.

We use some kind of permanent magnets called “earth magnets”. They hold the shell very well and are usually harmless! The Miche Company is not aware of any instances in which our magnets damaged credit cards, cell phones or cameras.

The Miche Company is not aware of any cases in which our magnets damaged pacemakers. However, with each consumer pacemaker, general health condition and doctor’s recommendation vary. Before purchasing a Miche handbag, therefore, please consult the manufacturer of your pacemaker as well as your doctor regarding the safe use of our products in your particular case.