The history of the Miche bag

On her way home from work in the fall of 2004, Michelle Romero spilled a beverage on her favorite handbag, like many other women. Frustrated at having to choose another handbag to transfer the contents into, she wished she had a way to just change the exterior of the bag. The idea suddenly emerged to create a bag with an interchangeable shell. Undeterred by her lack of sewing skills, she took fabric, glue, and her stained bag, and made the first prototype. With her creation in hand, Michelle began her mission to bring the Miche bag to life. 
Michelle then showed her prototype to her friend, Annette Cavaness, who immediately loved the idea. Annette applied her experience as an accessory buyer to help develop a business plan and perfect the product. The combination of their strengths and experiences made them fit together perfectly as business partners. In April 2005, Michelle and Annette officially created Miche Bag, LLC. They met a lawyer specializing in patents and sourcing, and then the end product became reality.
Both associates believed the name would be an important part of the product. After considering several names, “Miche” was suggested; the nickname Michelle’s mother-in-law gave her. Naturally, the name for the removable part of the bag became “shell” – a pun for the   outer  shell   , but also the second part of its name.
The first samples were tested by Michelle and Annette. They loved being able to change the bag every day to match their outfits, without having to transfer the contents of the bag each time. They also liked that you could place a stack of 20 shells in the same space that two small handbags would occupy. This quickly created interest among their friends and family members, who continue to this day to provide a variety of ideas for shells they would like to have. Many new products and ideas are in development with the endless possibilities of Miche Bag! And to think that it all started with a stain!