ClassicThe Classic 

Our Classic line of handbags is the go-to handbag for all Miche fashionistas! With its sleek ‘Jackie O’ design and practical dimensions, it’s the perfect size for any occasion! Our flagship line has over 60 Shells to entice any woman’s taste and has various new designs available each month! 

Types of Shell Styles…


Wrap-Around Shell: this is the name given to Classic & Petite Shells that literally “wrap around” the Base as you put them on. These are the ones without end pockets. For example, Jessica for Classics and Cami for Petites are Wrap-Around Shells.


Slip-On Shell: this is the name given to Shells for Petite and Classic Shells that do have end pockets.  They are so-named because you literally “slip them on.” For example, Kandace for Classics, Devyn for Petites are Slip-On.


Life is Complicated—Ordering Your Miche Bag is Simple!

Your day is busy, busy, busy—but ordering your Miche Bag is a snap! Simply:

  1. Select your Miche Classic Base Bag. Go get your Base.

  2. Choose your Miche Bag Shells: We have a wide array of stylish and affordable Shells to select from — one for every occasion, outfit, and mood! So relax, take your time, and discover your inner Miche. You will find just what you've been looking for in our exciting selection of Classic Shells.

  3. Voilà—a new bag! Don't Forget to Accessorize! You can create a truly unique look that's all your own thanks to our wide selection of stylish Handles and other extras from our Accessories.

Classic Shape

The Classic Bag…

Bag dimensions: 5.75" (wide) x 11.75" (long) x 6.5" (tall). Handles have a 7" drop. Handles that come with the bag and are 15" long. The inside of the base bag features a cream coloured canvas with two small pockets and one large zippered pocket. The base bag comes in black, brown and cream.


Width 5.75"
Length 11.75"
Height 6.5"
Weight 1.2lbs (bag only)
Shell Credit card safe Magnetic