Corporate Profile

Miche Bag™ is distributed exclusively in Canada by UNIDEM Sales Inc. Founded in 1986, UNIDEM has garnered a solid reputation as a leader in product supply and distribution, but what has made UNIDEM successful over twenty some years is its understanding of consumers - what they want in a product and how best to reach the market.

UNIDEM is tapped into a broad range of industry contacts which allows then to identify exciting new products. Miche Bag™ is an excellent example of just such a product; it joins a host of popular consumer products exclusive to UNIDEM.

UNIDEM makes its products available to the public through product web sites as well as home parties, home shows, fairs and retail stores. UNIDEM’s outstanding sales team performs live and engaging product demonstrations.

For a full listing of upcoming Miche Bag™ live demonstrations check See Miche Live. For information on UNIDEM’s family of consumer products, click now.